Fred Baker is a designer at heart. He also does research, speaks and keynotes at events, teaches, leads, authors, and is an advocate for human-centered design. He currently serves as Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center at the University of Tampa, where he evaluates the performance of the Center and leads the implementation of the analytics ecosystem. He holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Development from the University of South Alabama, and has a broad background in education and business.

Fred is interested in improving performance through human-centered design—including reframing systems, creating micro-communities, implementing openness, exploring studio models of learning, and examining the impact of technology on organizations and society. He researches and consults primarily on this topic, and has subsequently authored a number of peer-reviewed publications and presented at numerous conferences. He is active in professional associations, serves as the founding editor of the TrendSetters column in AECTs TechTrends scholarly journal, and has served as a reviewer for various journals, books, and organizations.

He loves exploring life with his family, and learning new things. He and his wife Amy reside in Tampa, Florida with their four awesome children.

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