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The Cove has the most reliable diving gear ever made. As a traditional dive shop, our focus is on outfitting you with top quality gear that will last a lifetime!

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Let's Dive!

The Cove is located near some of the most breathtaking dive spots in the world! We take care of everything, so you just need to show up and have fun!

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The Cove offers fun and flexible classes taught by experienced certified staff! We will coach you from wherever you are into a fully certified safety conscious diver!

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The Cove has a long history of bringing smiles to our customers' faces! Check out some memories, and share some of your own!

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Looking for fun for the whole family? Planning a large gathering! We have you covered! We love group outings!


Be An Explorer!

The Cove is located near some of the most beautiful dive spots in the world! Come explore the depths with us!

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email: hey@thecove.com

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