PurposeTo teach and provide practice with the One Touch Email System.
Intended AudienceHigh skill or knowledge workers, those who use email frequently
Budget RangeMedium.
Project RoleInstructional Design & Development
ToolsArticulate Storyline 360, Adobe Illustrator, Twine for prototyping
KeywordseLearning Development, Storyline 360

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Experience the Interaction Only!


This session provides information and practice for the One Touch Email System. The course packs a lot of information and utilizes engagement strategies throughout the course.

Design Overview

When conceptualizing the session, I initially prototyped the module in Twine.

The next step was to develop the functionality in Storyline 360, and then final proofing of the project. The development involved planning,

The final product consists of two major sections.

Part 1: The Overview

The first section explains the One Touch Email System to the user. It is an information heavy section, so the small elements allowing user engagement are important.

Users also have an opportunity to bypass sections if they are familiar with the content.

Part 2: The Practice

The second section lets the user practice sending emails to one of the four channels described in the system.

Users receive emails and choose which of the One Touch Systems the email should go to.

If the user makes the wrong choice, they get a funny quip and have the chance to try again.


This course is a great example of teaching a content heavy skill to employees or others.

This style of course would work well for teaching a variety of skills and is flexible for a number of different environments.

Would you like this for your organization?

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