PurposeTo show meaningful comparisons among aircraft, given a provided set of images and information.
Intended AudienceParticipants in aircraft focused training
Budget RangeLow.
Project RoleInstructional Design & Development
ToolsArticulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator
KeywordsInteractive Presentation, eLearning, Safety

Experience the Interaction!


This interaction is intended to show meaningful comparisons among different types of aircraft given the provided airplane images and information.

Design Overview

I tackled this by creating a semi-minimalist design showing comparisons between an individual plane against the shadows of the remaining planes, and through providing the data on height, width, and depth for each plane.

I established meaningful comparisons by overlaying the aircraft and providing measurements and identification through shape and color. Users can switch views and overlay any aircraft over the others.

Airplanes with examples of data
eLearning Heroes example, airplanes with data


The interaction is effective for showing meaningful comparisons, and the minimalist design can be adapted for a variety of courses.

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