EAB’s Student Success Collaborative (Ongoing)

Purpose: To implement the SSC at The University of Tampa, and to enhance retention and student success through partnerships and engagement with colleges, programs, and support departments.

Results: The SSC is being rapidly implemented and rolled out across campus. Training materials have been developed, and student success and retention are measurably improving due to the collaborative efforts of those utilizing the system. There are currently around 25 major projects ongoing in various stages of the implementation, and UT has shifted to this tool almost exclusively for progress reports, advising, institutional improvement efforts and other services.

Description: The University of Tampa joined the Education Advisory Board’s (EAB) Student Success Collaborative (SSC) in 2016. The SSC is a group of institutions using an analytics based advising platform to help focus resources on high ROI populations who would typically fall through the cracks of available services, to provide a common platform for advisors and other touch points in the students’ academic career, and to provide institutional improvement through reports utilized by the deans and provost’ office. My role has been to lead the implementation and rollout of the system across campus, engage the SSC Leadership Team in projects designed to expand and secure the services, and to focus on enhancing the performance of the institution regarding retention and student success.