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Hi! I’m Fred Baker, and I am a designer at heart.

For more than ten years, I have been practicing and teaching Instructional Design. Throughout that time, I have gained extensive experience with a variety of tools, processes, and approaches for designing effective training and instructional systems geared toward improving performance in any organization. I am an advocate for human-centered design, and believe that balancing systems and processes between organizational, technological, and human needs produces the most effective and longest lasting results.

I completed a Ph.D. in Instructional Design & Development in 2014 in order to help me think more deeply about the challenges facing organizations, and to build a more extensive toolbox for solving organizational challenges. I have shared this experience with others through teaching students at all levels and in all modalities, and publishing extensively on these topics in scholarly journals. I have also deepened this knowledge both through practice and specialized training, such as obtaining a certificate as a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer and studying accessibility. Additionally, I have led organization-wide technology integration projects, consulted and trained hundreds of faculty, and designed, delivered, and reviewed dozens of courses to improve standards of instruction.

In recognition for this work, I have received several awards, including the Charles M. Reigeluth Emerging Researcher Award in 2019 for my research in systems thinking and diffusions of innovations, and a student-selected Faculty Mentor Award in 2020 in recognition of my mentorship of students outside of the classroom.

Personally, I love learning new things and exploring life with my family! My wife and I live in Gulf Breeze, Florida with our four awesome sons!

I appreciate your time and interest, and invite you to reach out if you would like to hire me to support your organization! I am happy to help!

“Anything is easy if you can assimilate it into your collection of models. If you can’t, anything can be painfully difficult.”

Seymour Papert


University of South Alabama

USA College of Education

Ph.D. Instructional Design & Development (July, 2014)

Dissertation: [PDF] Baker III, F.W. (2014). Policies related to the implementation of openness at research intensive universities in the united states: A descriptive content analysis (Doctoral Dissertation). Retrieved from

USA Mitchell College of Business

B.S. Business Administration (May, 2008)

Concentration: Entrepreneurship Minor: Psychology

Professional Development

Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Course, 2018

I completed Quality Matter’s Peer Reviewer Course three week-long intensive online course on December 6th, 2018. The workshop refreshed us on the rubric and we undertook extensive practice in writing and evaluating reviews while learning to write recommendations befitting the QM standards. The course was challenging and fun!

Quality Matters Applying the QM Rubric, 2018

I completed Quality Matter’s Applying the QM Rubric week-long online course on September 27th, 2018. The workshop introduced the rubric, walked us through evaluating whether certain standards were met or not through reviewing an existing course, and differentiated the essential standards, alignment, etc.

QM Applying the QM Rubric Certificate

University of South Alabama USAOnline Fundamentals Training

This was interesting because I was in the team that transitioned USA from eCollege into Sakai, and helped found the first efforts toward this USA Online training. I recently got the opportunity to teach online for USA, and had to go through the training! It was fun and I appreciated the chance to test out of some of the features!

Adobe Train the Trainer Course

I am now a Certified Adobe Education Trainer! In September of 2015, I completed a 75 hour training course on the Adobe Education Exchange (EdEx) focused on the keys to effective training design. I created a training plan on a 90 minute Creating Accessible Syllabi session, and it is now shared as a resource inside the Adobe EdEX platform.

For completing the course, I received a badge and a certificate.

Baker Adobe Train the Trainer Course Certificate 2

Articulate Storyline

I completed Atomic Learning’s Articulate Storyline training on March 11th, 2016. The course provided an introduction to many of the basic and intermediate functions of Articulate Storyline 2.

Atomic Learning Adobe Photoshop

I completed Atomic Learning’sAdobe Photoshop training on June 4th, 2015. The course provided an introduction to the newer tools and features of Photoshop Creative Cloud 14.

Atomic Learning Adobe Captivate

I completed Atomic Learning’s Adobe Captivate training on May 14th, 2015. The course provided an introduction to many of the basic and intermediate functions of Captivate. I also completed Adobe Education Exchange’s Up & Running with Captivate Course on May 12th.

University Teaching 101, John’s Hopkins/Coursera

John’s Hopkins provided a MOOC about University Teaching through Coursera. I completed the course on May 6, 2015. The course covered alignment, learner analysis, highlighted best practices for instructional design, assessment, and more. 

University Teaching 101 Certificate

OLC Designing for Accessibility

I completed the Online Learning Consortium’s Designing for Accessibility course on April 8th, 2015. The course highlighted best practices for creating accessible courses and provided a host of resources.

OLC Design for Accessiblity Certificate

Atomic Learning Designing Accessible Courses

I completed Atomic Learning’s Designing Accessible Courses training on March 26th, 2015. The course highlighted best practices for creating accessible courses and discussed Sections 504 and 508 compliance.

Atomic Learning Designing Accessible Presentations

I completed Atomic Learning’s Designing Accessible Presentations training on March 31st, 2015. The course discussed methods for using PowerPoint 2010 to create accessible presentations.

Atomic Learning Designing Accessible Syllabus

I completed Atomic Learning’s Designing Accessible Syllabus training on March 26th, 2015. The course discussed methods for developing accessible syllabus components.

Quality Matters Designing Your Blended Course

I completed Quality Matter’s Designing Your Blended Course 2 week long training on November 25th, 2014. The course highlighted course alignment, differences between f2f, hybrid, and online modalities, and how to use the QM rubric to check course elements.

QM Designing your blended course Certificate

Quality Matters Applying the QM Rubric

I completed Quality Matter’s Applying the QM Rubric 8 hour training on July 18th, 2014 as part of a larger instructor boot-camp workshop. The workshop introduced the rubric, highlighted the essential and tertiary standards, discussed the review system, and allowed us to create and critique standards.

QM Applying QM Rubric Certificate