Flyer Draft-Online Learning Lab

This is one of several early drafts of a flyer I was making for the services of the Online Learning Center (Now the Innovation in Learning Center) at the University of South Alabama.

Desktop Background

This is a desktop background I made to help people keep track of the flow of the states of various projects. There were multiple users for each machine.

Basic Shapes- Adobe Illustrator

Here are some samples of designs using basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

Open Badge Design Proposals- Adobe Illustrator

Here are some samples of designs for Open Badges for The University of Tampa in Adobe Illustrator. These are not official badges, but are intended to inspire the design.

Open Badges Presentation Flyer

I made a flyer for an open badges presentation we did for the faculty. Our Instructional Design Intern and Graduate Assistant helped with the design of the flyer and helped lead the session.

Open Badges for The University of Tampa

After several iterations, I designed an approved Open Badge icon (modified from the the UT Spartans icon) in Photoshop to create the official badges to be used at The University of Tampa!  

Transparent Backgrounds in PowerPoint

I recently learned how to make the background of an image transparent using PowerPoint. I made a couple of fun images to test it out. This would be useful for creating signatures for PDFs, creating interesting slides for class, or…

EdTech Training Flyer

I used Adobe InDesign to create a training schedule flyer for our department. I had to fit a lot of text onto one sheet, so I used a light font and tried to break it up visually without deviating from…

Proposed Open Badge System for Hybrid Process at UT

I proposed a possible open badge system for the hybrid course design process at UT. It overlays the current 3 stage system. The idea was to badge heavily as a way to build community among the faculty and to raise…

EdTech Training Flyer Revised

I modified the last flyer based on some feedback, and replaced my logo with one approved for use by the University. I also removed a few lines, centered the document, and increased the white space to reduce cognitive load. Overall,…